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Stating the obvious.

2011-11-10 10:24:57 by MuffinMontana

As they say, practice makes perfect. I've been "out of commission" for a while now, so I'm gonna start drawing more often again. Hopefully, I'll be getting better, improving my technique and eventually gaining approval from the community.

If you like my work, help me get scouted!


Testing - 1, 2, 3...

2010-09-21 16:39:17 by MuffinMontana

Wacom Cintiq 12wx, i love you. Where have you been all my life? The humanity!

Just finished my first drawing on a graphics tablet and it feels amazing.
Pls check it out and leave constructive criticism! Thanx

My main concern - do the words get in the way?

A New Challenger!

2010-08-28 11:01:19 by MuffinMontana